Specializing in Healthcare Design
    Newport Architectural Group is a professional staff providing planning and design services for  
    Healthcare Facilities for more than 25 years.

    Each Project instills a striving effort throughout the firm to create a successful project
    as each project has its own special requirements that must be met to achieve

    The Client’s program needs, project budget and schedule are woven in at  the start
    and continually monitored throughout the project.

    The Firm believes that people’s lives are better when in and around well-designed  buildings and
    pleasing spaces.  This is particularly important to people needing healthcare as we believe that
    well-designed and pleasing spaces aids healing and recovery.  Equally important to the patients’
    surroundings are the staff’s and visitor’s experience to a functional and pleasing environment.  

    We Strive to bring into each project creative solutions of function, variation of spaces
    and quality.  We enjoy using elements of design such as natural and indirect light,
    color, texture and furnishings.